Pancake Festival


Virtual- 69th Annual Pancake Festival, Pancakes @ Home

Presented by the Lubbock Lions Club

The Lubbock Lions Club Board of Directors has made the decision to have a virtual 69th Annual Pancake Festival, scheduled for Saturday, February 20, 2021. The decision was made from an abundance of research and discussion regarding public health and wellness regarding the COVID-19 pandemic to avoid face to face interactions at the event. The Lions Club leadership Board and Pancake Co-Chairs have decided to have an alternate event, a virtual event hosted through social media – Facebook.  This will still consider the health and safety of the lions, attendees and volunteers which are the top priority.


This was a difficult decision for our organization not to host the event however in the effort to make the best of a challenging situation the Pancake Co-Chairs have considered an event that will involve the Lions, Volunteers as well at the community.  The will be a Facebook Event “Pancakes@Home” for the Lions to be involved as well as engage the community to share the families eating pancakes at home, whether for breakfast, lunch, or supper.  We will also share Lions Club information in regards to the organizations that we serve as well as the sponsors that have contributed to the event.


The Pancake Festival is the major fundraiser for the Lubbock Lions Club and each year provides donations to over 30 charities.  We are aware of how many lives that have been touched by our service projects.  This is a great tradition and the Pancake Festival is an event we are proud to present each year. It gives our entire community an opportunity to gather and support many worthy causes. This year due to the current covid pandemic, we will focus on the top four organizations to raise funds to support Catholic Charities adult eyeglass program, the LISD children’s eyeglass program, Boy Scout Troop 157, and the Texas Lions Camp.

This will certainly be a unique and unusual way to share pancake stories, but why not.  Let’s make the best of the situation, have fun, and still raise awareness and money for those agencies that we serve.  We are grateful to the many sponsors, partners, and Lions who continue to support the Lubbock Lions Club and Pancake Festival each year. We look forward to getting together for pancakes soon.

For more information, visit the Lubbock Lions Club website at and our Lubbock Lions Club Facebook page,

Fun Facts

For the 2009 Pancake Festival we set a record for the most pancakes served in a 8 hour period.
Below are some of the statistics that were entered in the 2009 Guinness Book of Worlds Records:

  • 5500 lbs of pancake mix
  • 57,600 sasusage links
  • 18,000 orange juice containers
  • 21,000 conainers of milk
  • 36,000 ounces of pancake syrup
  • 66,459 pancakes were made
  • 17,500 people were fed that day

Flippin’ to Make a Difference

  • WHO:

    The Lubbock Lions Club, founded in 1929, is the largest Lions Club in North America

  • WHAT:

    Annual Pancake Festival, a festive atmosphere with fabulous entertainment, melt in your mouth pancakes and activities for the entire family. Plenty of product has been ordered to fulfill the Club’s promise of “All You Can Eat.” Just imagine the size of the following order!!!

    • Pancake Mix – Nearly 6000 POUNDS!!
    • Pancake Syrup – 41,000 Ounces
    • Milk/Orange Juice – 46,500 Servings
    • Cotton Candy – 2,000+ Bags
    • Coffee – 240 Gallons
    • Sausage Links – 72,000 Links
    • Plates – 36,750
    • Margarine – 17,280 Ounces
    • Bubble Gum – 3,850 Pieces
    • Face Tattoos – 2,000+
    BACON!!! OVER 23,000 SLICES
  • WHERE:

    Lubbock Memorial Civic Center
    1501 Mac Davis Lane

  • WHEN:

    Saturday, February 22nd, 2020
    7:00 AM – 8:00 PM (From Breakfast thru Dinner)


    $7.00 IN ADVANCE; $9.00 AT THE DOOR. Children 3 and under Eat FREE!
    Advance tickets available from any Lions Club Member, at the Lubbock Lions Club office, or call us at 763-4789, all Bolton Oil/Gas Locations, and online until 3 PM Friday, Feb. 16th.

  • WHY:

    Because everyone likes Pancakes!!! The only thing better than eating a LOT of pancakes is knowing that each year Lubbock Lions Club donates all of the profits raised from the Pancake Festival to over 30 charities. Some of the organizations that benefited from the $122,000 we raised last year include, the Adult Eyeglass Program, Boy Scout Troop 157, LISD Eyeglasses for Children, Children’s Miracle Network, Meals on Wheels, The Salvation Army, Sick Children’s Clinic of Lubbock, YWCA Adaptive Aquatics Program and the Texas Lions Camp for children with special needs (Lubbock children attend this camp for free).

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